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Joel says when you got lemons

There's a good chance anyone reading this journal already saw the headsup from Satellite News, but ... a fellow named Stuart Galbraith IV recently posted a harshly critical review of the Cinematic Titanic experiment The Wasp Woman. He was rather put off by how the show has all these people making jokes in front of the picture, you see.

Where this becomes particularly interesting is that on 22 April 1993, a fellow named Stuart Galbraith IV published in the Ann Arbor News a broadside titled Hopping Mad Over 'MST3000', in which he was particularly put off by how the show had all these people making jokes in front of the picture. A few weeks later one Daniel S Rice sent Joel and the Bots into the theater and, it appears, inaugurated the fine art of MiSTing. (``Next week: Hoppin' Mad Over _Rhoda_'')

So, all you folks writing MiSTings, or knowing that you mean to get back around to them one of these days (I suppose we should finish the Marrissa Picard 10th Anniversary things in time for the 15th Anniversary) ... hey, the Hopping Mad guy is still around. And he's hopping!

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Wow... how surreal.
15 years later, and he STILL doesn't get it???
Next up on "MiSTing Nostalgia Showcase", Ludwig Plutonium, John_S_Winston, and Doc Thinker.


September 10 2008, 17:22:57 UTC 9 years ago

Saw it. The name triggered the "Isn't that...?" memory in me as well. Working on an appropriate response.

And yes, Bill, I'm still working on "Endeavor"...

Matt Blackwell